Despicabley Millennial

Hello gorgeous world… how are you?

Today I’m feelin’ the urge to discuss about an extremely saddening topic… the Millennial generation. I refer to this topic as extremely saddening because of how disappointing it is that our generation is inexcusably lazy, entitled, disrespectful, arrogant and ignorant. We have reversed our attitudes… our values… our relationships… our inner appearance and our 360* view in this world.

Work… remember that word? I’m sure that somewhere along the years of your childhood you were taught by your parents what a solid work ethic was all about. That one day you’ll enter society to contribute a positive piece of your mind and heart. Dreams and goals for who we wanted to be when we “grew up” were formed piece by piece in our young minds, but somewhere along the growth chart we allowed this evil bug to poison us into placing our entitled hands out. Hard work is a value that we’ve slapped in the face and tossed aside. I recently learned that 40% of millennia’s find it too difficult to get themselves a bowl of cereal for breakfast. You see, after you eat those delicious Crunch Berries there’s now a bowl and spoon that needs to washed and placed in the dishwasher. Are you shittin’ me?  I have no words for that ridiculous laziness. 100% pure, unfiltered laziness. I feel like slapping you 40%.

Manners… now I know you know this word, however, like most respectable traditions, we’ve hit and run from this value as well. Please, Thank You, Excuse Me… all foreign simplicities to our “Why” generation. Apparently it’s too hard to be kind to one another these days. It takes too much effort to hold a door open for someone, share a kind smile to passerby’s, say a simple “excuse me” when accidently bumping into someone. From what I’ve seen, y’all think it’s easier to be rude and act like spoiled brats, which is completely absurd. Yes, I am calling you absurd.

Relationships… Face to face interactions? So 5 years ago. It’s all about that social media life yo! We have decided to place more energy in how many followers we have on Twitter, Instagram and Snapshot than engage in personal relationships with friends and families. We find it more appealing to meet new people online than in reality. Some say that social media is the worst thing created. I agree and disagree with that statement. I believe that social media is a brilliant tool to be able to voice your opinion, stay in contact on a further level with friends and family that live states or countries away and it is pretty cool meeting someone from other countries and creating new connections. Now on the flip side of this coin, we have concerned ourselves with status updates, posting photos and commenting negative opinions on others walls like it’s our job. We have also come to the conclusion that we’ll meet our soul mate online, that he/she is out there in Cyberland, love is just a click away. I don’t say this often, but OMG!!  I think my brain is bleeding… send help 😉 . I understand that there are those who have met the loves of their lives online, but I think that we’ve taken the matchmaking game to new levels between EHarmony, Tinder, Facebook and whatever other site you sign up for. Here’s the main issue I have with this, I do enjoying meeting new people via social media, but how do you really know you’re messaging the person in the profile pic? Another negative about social media is that we no longer have to be the “real” us. We can take everything we don’t like about ourselves and create a whole new person, hell let’s give a shout out to all those Catfishers who create fable characters all together. Social media wasn’t a bad idea, the bad ideas came from people who decided to use it in all the wrong ways. People, like in every situation, tainted a fun experience. The end result of this is that we no longer place our time and energy in the right relationships. We have rusted trust in each other and corroded it into conspicuouism.

Values… Volunteering, Honoring those who serve and protect our country, respecting laws and others points of views on politicos has definitely become a thing of the past. When it comes politics and conversations on this topic everyone gets butthurt when different views and opinions enter the room. If we’re not agreed with then we start writing people off. What happened to placing one’s right hand over their heart and stating the Pledge of Allegiance? Respecting our flag? No, instead we step on it, burn it. Men and women sacrifice themselves everyday to protect our country, our rights and our lives. How do we pay tribute to them to say Thank you, we place a $5 bill in their empty coffee cup as we walk away to go to our safe and warm homes while they struggle homeless, hungry and unemployed on the streets. Wow, just typing that makes me cry and become pissed off all at once. How about you? What goes through your mind reading this?

Somewhere along the line we’ve become comfortable with just existing in this world instead of being a kind productive human being that contributes to the human race, to making a positive difference and making the world a better place for future generations. Why? Perhaps its because you’re too fricking’ bored from sitting on your lazy entitled ass playing Fallout 4 all day long. Call me crazy, but I believe in working my ass off in achieving my dreams and making my mark in this world with helping my fellow humans. I believe in taking time to volunteer for noble causes that make this world a better place to live in. Showing simple acts of kindness that ripple into others paying it forward. I have nothing but manners and respect for my elders. I have endless amounts of respect for Soldiers, my country and the flag that represents it. I find the most impact in reality relationships and face to face conversations. I’m a lover for deep conversations about life, love and all that the world contains, but I won’t stick around for sharp tongued conversations about who said what behind someone’s back. I am proud to say that I am an intelligent person and I crave to learn something new everyday. I will never stop being a student of life and all of the knowledge that’s contained in it. The saddest fact about this whole blog is that those millennia’s who are true blue entitled lazy rude buttheads create a bad rap for those of us who aren’t. To all of you Millennials who refuse to contribute to that unnecessary label, fist bump my peeps!

I choose to make a lasting difference in this generation and for future generations. My mark will forever be cemented into this world well after I’ve kissed it all goodbye.

My “Curious George” would like to know are you a Millennial? And if so, what side of the label are you stitched on? Incase you’re not sure, you’re a Millennial if you were born between 1980 – 2000.

Until next blog…… Love Derra ❤

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