Hello gorgeous world. How are you?

Question, what stops you from taking that ultimate jump? Hold on, allow me to shed some light on the details. In life there are times when certain opportunities knock on our door. We curiously look through the peep hole to see what it is or even who it is, but as we attempt to open the door, our minds and hearts begin to argue on whether we should welcome in the opportunity that’s standing, waiting on the other side. Our hands become shaky and apprehensive when it comes to turning the door knob. Hundreds of thoughts start NASCAR racing in your mind, your heart beats are so powerful that it feels as though its about to pop out of your chest like a Jack-in-the-Box and the oxygen begins to flow too quickly that your lungs can’t take it all in. Some of us express these reactions internally, keeping our cool publicly. And sometimes, these crazy symptoms play out like a movie on the big screen.

Now here comes the pivotal moment, do you scream at your doubts and fears to shut up and open the door or do you allow your fears and doubts to swallow you whole while you walk away?

Now riddle me this Batman, what are your fears? Are you afraid to succeed in your career? Are you afraid to let him/her in due to too many scars from past heartbreaks and now you feel as though you’re too broken? Do you have someone in your squad who’s negative tongue injects poison into your dreams and confidence? (if the answer to this Q is yes, then may I offer you a piece of advice? Eject them from your squad, poison kills, every time.) Is it that you simply don’t think that you’re good enough period, no matter what or who knocks on your door?

The “fears” list is endless, we all have an endless list of reasons or more honestly excuses why we allow ourselves to miss out on life’s amazing journey. We all have those moments when we allow our fears to keep us trapped inside our comfort zones. They say that there are no second chances in life, but I believe that to be false. Sometimes a second chance is given to us, however you can’t assume it will always be handed to you. You see, second chances are gifted to those who have been through some tough rounds in the ring. These powerful hearts keep fighting with every ounce of energy and faith they have while life keeps punching them down. Life wins with the knock-out sometimes. But, that powerful heart won’t give up, in fact it refuses to. It doesn’t know how to fail, so it takes some time off to repair and rebuild. Then comes the day when life asks for a rematch, this is your second chance. For those powerful hearts out there who are in repair mode, please take my advice. When life hands you a second chance, do not waste it! While a rematch may be set up, a third time rarely is. Me personally, I go by the phrase, “three strikes and you’re out”.

Don’t allow yourself to stay a prisoner of your doubts. A life locked away in your comfort zone isn’t a life, it’s a life sentence. Especially if your fear keeps you from your soul mate. Then it’s the death sentence. How does one escape from that cell? By constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. By constantly screaming at your fears and doubts to shut up! By constantly blocking out the outside white noise. Is it tough to do this? Hell yes it is, but the alternative outcome is tougher.

So ask yourself what’s stopping you from jumping… then, take a deep breath and jump right through the looking glass. It’s wickedly awesome 😉 !!

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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