How do you dream?

Do you dream in black and white? In 3-D?

Do you dream in premonition form? Or perhaps you dream in fears, doubts and insecurities. Are your dreams Disneyland spun or Death Valley dripped? Maybe it’s a twisted concoction of both.

“Just sleep… the hardest part is letting go of you dreams…”.  -My Chemical Romance

It is a fact that most people dream in black & white and that most dreams are the product of vanity. We often dream about who we wish we were and what we wish we had. The key word being “wish”. A small percentage of people dream in reality, meaning that their dreams are in live vibrant color and they have all of their senses in full force. It’s as though they have two worlds, the one that shines in the chaos of daylight and the one that time travels into the twilight slumber. A very tiny percentage dream in premonition form. These rare minds dream these futuristic answers to the questions that haunt their hearts. Some may say that it’s because their sixth sense is extremely sensitive and some say it’s God’s way of answering your inquiring insecurities. However you dive into the looking glass, dreams are a Wonderland portal filled with fantasy and Mad Hattered riddles.

I believe that our dreams can also be the product of our sub-conscience solving any problems we may have in our lives. Stress, anger, sadness… our minds internally processing why these emotions are currently present and how to deal with the situation. I suppose that there are many reasons why we dream.

Myself, I dream in 3-D and sometimes in premonition form. I always have, ever since I was a little kid. Death Valley dreams started stealing my visits from the Sand Man when I was 11 years old. Why I had such horrific nightmares as a youngster is a bit of a riddle. Maybe it’s because I had (still have) an overactive imagination. Maybe it’s due to my IQ and the fact that thoughts and ideas are always buzzing through my “never shutting up” brain. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because I was teased as a kid and bullied in high school. My personal opinion, it’s a deliciously toxic sundae with all of those toppings. Either way, one or all lead to a beautiful insomniatic life.

Once in a blue moon I dip my toes into the premonition pool. I don’t share this fact about myself with most people because, well, they just respond with that “you’re crazy” expression. Non the less, dreams of “what’s to come” or as I like to refer to them  “previews” take temporary residency in my sub-conscience. As of lately these types of dreams have been more and more reoccurring. You see, I have insecurities and certain fears about Love. I have prayed every night for the past few months now about that part of my life, mainly questioning if I will ever find the love of my life and if so how do I find him. The only confusion I have with my current dream state is, are these mini clues to what I’m in search of or is this just my 24/7 brain and lack of sleep messing with me.

Over the years I have studied the subject of dreams/ nightmares. Talked to people and asked what their opinion is. But, no amount of research will ever satisfy my Curious George mind. However, a few years ago, I was given some very wise and sage advice. I was told to pay close attention to my dreams. Dreams that leave you with that certain feeling in the pit of your stomach is beyond the vanity stage. They have substance. They have actual meaning. To ignore them my result in missing out on new beginnings and that would be a shame.

There are times where I wake up and can only remember snippets of what I dreamt of the night before. Then there are those dreams that stick with me. 100% memory is locked in. I can remember every sequence. Those dreams or premonitions that place butterflies in my stomach, the ones that I can’t push out of my mind, those are the ones I pay close attention to.

So, how do you dream? Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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