Hello gorgeous world. How are you? I’d like to take a moment to vent about how much I hate Daylight Savings Time. Seriously, give me and everyone else back their hour. Losing those 60 minutes sucks. Not only does it mess with my insomnia, but it just throws everything out of whack. Look Benjamin Franklin, your idea with the whole time change thing was solid. Giving an extra hour of daylight during spring and summer so that the farmers had more time to tend to their crops and fields was nice, but enough already. Its not even 6 month increments for each anymore. Now its 8 months of daylight and only 4 months of sweet standard time. Its insane… ok, rant over. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog. 😉

So this past weekend I watched an all time favorite movie of mine, The Bone Collector. Its also a great read. The book and movie both based on true events and I love a good murder mystery. For those of you who have read the book or seen the movie, then you know what I mean when I say great murder mystery. For those of you who haven’t, definitely check out the movie and book. Anyways, while watching the movie, there is a line that Denzel’s character, Lincoln Rhymes, says that caught my attention. Its about how some say that our destinies are pretty much pre ordained. He disagrees with that logic and states that our destinies are what we make of them. This got my wheels turning. Are our destinies already mapped out before we even enter this world or is each step we take constantly creating what our destiny will become? Lets take a telescopic look at both sides for a moment…

If you are someone who believes that your destiny is already mapped out for you then that embeds the fact that each moment of your life is already set in stone, meaning, technically you have no say in how your life is ran. Every decision, every mistake, every milestone, every relationship, every heartbreak, every achievement, every failure…. is already written out. Your book is already written. You don’t posses the right to make any decision because your thought process on future situations is already implanted into your brain and every word spoken is already pre-recorded. That’s a scary thought if you ask me. I mean, yes, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, but to think that we have no actual control on what happens day to day or even down the road… kinda freaks me out. Although, now that I’m taking a second to ponder my own thought… is believing that everything happens for a reason similar to a pre ordained destiny? I feel like Two-Faced right now. A part of me says no, but then the other half of me says yes… I may need some outside advice on this one.

If you are someone who believes that we create our own destinies then that means every decision formed and sent out is in our hands. We determine the outcome of every day and what our future may or may not hold. Meaning, that yes, we do in fact have control over how our book is written and what is written in it. I know that there are an abundant amount of situations that are out of my control, those unknown variables that shape and shift certain moments in my life. However, I find some comfort in thinking that I at least have most of the rights to what my life is and what it will be.

No matter what side your thoughts reside on, its definitely an interesting conversational piece.

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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