Systematicly Inked

Hello gorgeous world. How are you?

How many of you out there have a tattoo(s)? What’s your tattoo story?

Well, today that’s what I’m sharing with you. Many people know about the existence of my tattoo but no one knows the background that it holds or the meaning that’s clearly invisible. For those of you who don’t know, an inconspicuous fairy resides on my neck near my right ear. Everything about her was strategically planned out. From her placement, to her fashion sense and even her purpose. There’s not one single aspect about this mischief maker that’s spontaneous. As much as a “go with the flow” person I can be, when it comes to externally sharing a piece of my inner workings my OCD kicks in. Packing a lasting punch inside a small statement is my end game.


“Whereas lingerie is soon stripped from its glory, tattoos flaunt a timeless intimacy that requires a pleasurable pain to put on…”                             -J.J.


Lets begin the breakdown of this black fairy shall we…

Why a fairy? Well I have always had a tiny fascination with fairies ever since I saw Peter Pan on Broadway. Kathy Rigby played Pan. Tinkerbell was this tiny force of nature who stood by Pan’s side through everything. And there lies the beginning memorization of fairies. Also, fairies are complex creatures, like Rubik’s cubes with wings. I can relate, except swap out the wings for a hoodie. 😉

  • Fairy comes from the Latin word “fata” which means “Fate”. Fairies were believed to be fallen angels or demons who fulfilled the wishes and desires of humans while thriving on making mischief. These spritely spirits are a contradiction of characteristics. They are both demure and immodest, obedient and defiant, innocent and mischievous. They are also known to have elegant beauty and grace, innocence of youth, and posses a sense of freedom.


The other reason why I chose a fairy is because she reminds me of a very valuable lesson my Popee taught me growing up. He taught me that when you become older and start building your life, there will be times when all you feel like you’re doing is working. Now there’s nothing wrong with hard work, however stress, frustration and exhaustion can sometimes take over. There’s a difference between working hard to make you dreams possible and just over working. You need to make sure that you press pause from the insanity and do something crazy. Have fun. Take a day, a weekend or a week and live life. Whether you travel to different countries or stay home and simply enjoy the city you live in, make time for fun. Create those memories that breathe life into you. Don’t get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.

One of my favorite places I went with my Popee was Disneyland. It truly is the happiest place on earth, well besides the beach. 😉 And who kicks off every fireworks show at Disneyland? Yep, Tink herself.


Placement?  Honestly, its because every time I look in the mirror I can see her peering out which in turn is a constant reminder of my Popee, his wise lesson he engraved in my brain and in the event that life throws one too many curveballs in one certain moment, I am quickly reminded that even though I’m only 5’6″, I pack a lasting punch.

Her fashion sense or color in this case? I thought about the color scheme she should display since she’d be publicly residing upon my neck. Actually, I don’t even know why I ran down a list of shades because she was always going to showcase a little black dress. Tink is a beautiful shade of black. She represents the small mausoleum that eternally holds all of my past lessons. Every drop of pain, sadness and anger that spark my creativity. I visit it when I need to and keep it locked up when I don’t.

Lastly, her size. I purposely chose a small tattoo because it resembles how I felt growing up… what I aimed to become in life… that my past is small and my future is big… and that this Tink is ready to find her Peter.


“The tattoo is the Mark of the Soul. It can act as a window we can see in or it can be a shield to protect us from those who can’t see past the surface…”

“My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story…”   -Johnny Depp


Every aspect of this tiny fairy strategically mapped out to express a few pieces of my soul without having to speak. Silence can be golden.

So there it is, my tattoo story. Until next blog… Love Derra  ❤





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