You Can’t Buy Class

“You can pay for school,

but you can’t buy Class…”

– Jay-Z

Hello gorgeous world. How are you? So something has been somewhat pissing me off lately, people who act like complete assholes and think that they have a right to get away with it because they have a high education/ important job title. Along with those attributes, theses types of people feel as though they’re entitled to automatic respect from their peers. I feel the need to smack some common sense into those idiots.

Class (noun) the system of ordering a society in which people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status

Class (adjective) showing stylish excellence – classy, decent, gracious, respectable, noble

Now personally I don’t care what your background consists of, whether you have Beverly Hills running through your veins or you come from the Projects. I don’t care if you posses a Masters Degree from Yale or an Associates Degree from your local community college. And yes you guessed it, I don’t care if you’re the bagger at the grocery store or you’re the President of a multi-billion dollar tech company. Class is a persona that you project from your inner core. Its that perfectly balanced equation consisting of a respectable attitude  + gracious mannerisms + a golden heart = a genuinely decent human.

This formula sounds simple enough, right? Well you’d think so, however being that we are currently riding through the Entitled Generation, its not. This is a  very corrupt generation if you ask me. Stop placing your hand  out excepting everything to be handed to you on a shiny silver platter. Get off your high horse, throw out that spoiled brat façade and get a grip. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe that respect is something you earn. Humbleness and grace are qualities you learn. Class is a trademark you create, own and emboss on the world.

Purchasing a high education is important and rewarding. Having the constant cash flow that allows you to live an enormous life is awesome. Neither one of these things, however, make you a classy person.

I know that this thought is short and sweet, but sometimes those are the best kind of thoughts. An epidemic problem quickly cauterized.

What is your take on Class? Respect? Our current generation?

Well peace out guys, I’m off to get some Mexican food. I’ve been craving tacos for two days now. 😉

Until next blog… Love Derra<3

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