Knock that Shit Off!!

Hello gorgeous world! How are you?

Ok, so as glitched humans we make a lot of mistakes. From those embarrassing public moments that make you wish you possessed the power of erasing memories to personal ones that make you pause life for a second so that you can play the playback of what just happened. Watching the train wreck as you place your hand over your eyes and think to yourself, “oh shit.”. Look, mistakes are inevitable, chalk it up to making memories that you can one day turn into hilarious stories you and your friends reminisce over and life lessons that you use as a compass to better your journey. However, I came across a quote on Facebook that was entitled “5 Things to Quit Right Now”. So here we go..

  1. Trying to Please People… I’m glad this is number one on the list because too many of us go through life pleasing everyone round us instead of just living our lives for ourselves. If you’re a people pleaser then I have something important to say to you, “Knock that shit off!!”. You are playing a dangerous game that you’ll never win. Nobody is ever truly satisfied in life, that’s why trends fade in and out and why we are always advancing technology, medical research and pretty much the world around us. We humans are happy with what we have for a small amount of time, then we feel as though something’s missing. We feel the need to improve and transform everything, make it better, faster, bolder, more hyped. Focusing all of your energy on creating who you are and how you live your life based on the white noise from your peers will drain you. And someday you’ll look in the mirror and wonder who’s reflection your glancing at. Do you boo! Be yourself and live the life you dream of. Haters gonna hate, so let them.

2. Fearing Change… I am someone who loves change because to me change keeps life interesting. Change creates adventures which create awesome memories which leads to a life well lived. Now I know that there are some of you out there that hate change. You have become so set in your ways and set schedules. This tight knit structure ensures your control. Change to you is a disturbance in your force, its the unknown variable that you fear. But, take a moment to think about this… Change happens everywhere, everyday, all of the time. You make think that you’ve escaped from change, but you haven’t. Time is a constant change… Days change every 24 hours… Sunny skies change into star studded nights… the human body changes everyday, becoming older… Minds become wiser… Those toys that we love so much are constantly being upgraded because we crave the newest version… Tastes in food change… The music that vibrates our eardrums is always morphing. Whether you like it or not, change is happening in your life, you’re just making a conscious decision to not pay attention to it. Fearing change will result in missing out on life. Change is an awesome ride, so get on it.

3. Living in the Past… now personally, I believe that living in the past somewhat coincides with fearing change. The past is called the past for reason… its the past! Synonyms for Past: history, done, bygone, former, long-ago… aka gone, never going to happen again, over. Staying stuck in ones past isn’t a way of life. The human race wasn’t made to freeze themselves in a time of their choosing. Us humans were created as evolutionary beings. From our bodies, to our minds, our hearts and our lives… we live in a never-ending state of evolution. I also think that a majority of us live in our pasts due to our life being caught in a bad time. Sometimes we would rather live in a time when life was good rather than face the current challenge invading our life and solve it. See, life isn’t easy. It involves hard work at times and there are those who don’t feel like doing the work. You can’t allow a challenge, broken heart or fear of change keep you caught in the Twilight Zone. Evolve and move on.

4. Putting Yourself Down… Half of me feels as though I shouldn’t be supplying advice on this particular topic because there are times were I am extremely hard on myself, especially when it comes to my work and relationships. I hate that about myself. I really wish that my mind didn’t go to that place, that I didn’t put myself down with the critical comments I conjure up, but it is what it is. The other half of me is gun-hoe to share advice about this. Maybe its because I know what its like to dis myself or maybe its because I’m a smartass know-it-all who thinks that my opinion matters and that you need to hear it (or in this case read it) 😉 . A moment of honesty, todays generation has a knack for gossip, back stabbing and well, shit talking. The negative vibes that flow through our atmosphere is sickening. We’re all prone to it. You can’t hide from it, you can’t escape from it. The second you step one foot outside your front door, your on its radar. Public life already fills the criticism quota, you don’t need to add fuel to the already blazing fire. If you can’t say anything nice about yourself, then shut up! I know its hard, but I have found that the less damage you create on yourself, then more space becomes vacant for happiness to move in. And that’s a beautiful thing. If you’re feeling down or discouraged, look up a quote to inspire you, give yourself a positive compliment. Cook up that comfort food that feeds your soul. Play that certain song that makes you feel good. Read that book that makes you feel peaceful and reassured. Have a cup of coffee with your friend and distract yourself with fun for a few hours. Whatever floats your boat towards loving yourself, just do it.

5. Overthinking… ok, now I definitely know that I have no right to comment on this last one. I am the very definition of an over thinker. And believe you me, I have been trying for years to work on not overthinking or overanalyzing life. However, based on multiple test results, the conclusion is that my overthinking syndrome is incurable. That being said, from personal experience I can say that if you are a fellow over thinker, I feel your pain dude. It is exhausting when a simple 2 step situation comes up and your brain takes 10 different detours to get there. Clearly a left turn should be made to easily get to your destination in two minutes, but noooo. Your brain feels the need to question the left turn. Why left? Why not right? Is the left turn safer? Is left really the only option? What’s wrong with turning right? After all is said and done, your 2 minute situation ends up being a 20 minute nightmare. Recently I have been working very hard (you really don’t know how hard) on realizing that not everything in life has to be a complicated monster. Simplicity is a good thing. Its ok to just simply go along for a ride and not ask 20 million different questions. For those of you out there who aren’t crazy psychotic over-thinkers, please share some advice on how you do that. Spill the secret to your magic trick.

In the end, there’s all whole lot of shit we need to knock off because it’s all nonsense. Some of it is easier said than done, but it’s nonsense all the same. I’ll leave you with this encouraging quote from Queen B…

“I see it I want it, I stunt yellow-bone it, I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it…”                                                                   -Beyonce


Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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