Wicked Games <3

Hello gorgeous world.. How are you?

So, it’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. The day were we pull out all the stops for those who are the keeper of our hearts. I was perusing through different “love” quotes online and throughout social media the other day (needed a little inspiration for my blog). Tons of quotes to choose from about when you’re in love or when you’ve lost love. Ā I noticed a bit of a crazy pattern though… a majority of these quotes depicted on how the man should treat the woman when in a relationship or how it was the man who broke the woman’s heart. As my brain was absorbing all of this one-sided info, a thought bubble appeared….

Where are the quotes about when the women break the men’s hearts or how us ladies should be treating our guys when coupled up…

Are you telling me that somewhere along the line the female species decided that it was no longer our responsibility to put effort into our relationships? That its all about us and not them? Look around, these days there is so much pressure put on guys to be perfect. We expect them to be romantic, funny, sense our needs, listen to everything we have to say and whatever else our crazy minds think of. When it comes to holidays, birthdays and anniversaries,Ā we ladies expect the works and by works I mean the all mighty $$$.

I believe we get way too caught up in how much money our guys spend on us instead of taking a moment to open our eyes and see what they did for us. It’s gone out of control. Take Valentines Day for example.. Yes, it’s a day were we ladies want to be spoiled, but how about spoiling your guy as well. How about taking time and planning a surprise for him on Cupid’s Day. Flowers, a card, a gift and some kind of romantic evening is usually what’s on the V-Day menu and we expect the guy to plan it all and get it right. What does ‘get it’ right mean anyway?? What do we mean when we say or expect that? Hell, I have a pretty high IQ and even I don’t understandĀ the meaning behindĀ “get it right”.

Ladies, you want to know why a large percentage of guys in relationships don’t like Valentines Day or any special occasion for that matter… Because we act insane with the high expectations we build up in our minds. Then when those expectations aren’t met, we go batshit crazy. Why? Why do we think that’s expectable? News Flash: It’s Not.

The same applies in our relationships. Listen up Ladies!! If you have a sweet, caring romantic guy in your life who loves you and tries his best at making you happy then count your blessings.Ā Not one single beating heart in this world is perfect. We all screw up in relationships. Its about learning from your mistakes. Every relationship, no matter what kind it is, is a two way highway or “give and take” if you prefer.Ā Having one partner giving their all while the other partner continually takes andĀ continually expects more is greedy, selfish and flat out rude.

I’m going to go with one other scenario here…

You can’t be in a relationship driving along a one-way highway. All that’s going to lead to is a crash & burn situation. Before you know it the ambulance is showing up, but its too late. By the time the paramedics show up to the crash site, that relationship is already D.O.A. All that’s left to do is clean up the mess, go your separate ways and lay that relationship to rest.

No one likes being apart of a one-sided relationship. The day will always come when they’ve had enough and you now find yourself single.

Love is the purest form of magic we have in this beautifully chaotic world. It is our duty to protect it and treat it with the respect it deserves, not take advantage of it. That kind of mind set leads to destruction. Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not on a rampage blaming women for failed relationships or implying that every broken heart is our fault. I am saying that us ladies need to make sure that we don’t allow ourselves to get caught in a rut where we don’t take care of our guys. The romance… the sweet little gestures…. making those special occasions special… it needs to come from us as well. Send him a text halfway through the day just to say, “I love you”… surprise him with tickets to the big game… make his favorite dinner or go to his favorite restaurant… if the last movie you two saw was one of your choosing then see a movie he’s interested in.

You have a guy who makes you feel secure… listens to you while you vent when you’re stressed out… supports your dreams and has your back, then make sure you’re doing the same for him. Guys need to feel safe and secure with their partner just as much as we do. If your guy is treating you like a queen, then make sure you’re treating him likeĀ a king.

So this Valentines Day spoil your Boo. Get creative. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, make him a bouquet of his favorite candies (Snickers, Reese’s, Butterfinger, Kit-Kats…etc.). Surprise him with something that he’s been wanting, but hasn’t had the time to go buy himself. And yes, stop by Victoria Secrets and pick up a little something for yourself (I’m sure your man wouldn’t mind) šŸ˜‰ .

Honestly though, I think somewhere along the line women have been somewhat brainwashed into thinking that its all about us when special occasions hit. Prime example, jewelry commercials. How many commercials do you see a woman giving her man a 24kt. Diamond watch. I’m just sayin’ ….

Ladies, love you’re man and men, love your lady. You don’t want a “Wicked Games” ending. (yes its a song by The Weekend).

Until next blog… Happy Valentines Day… Love Derra ā¤




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