Aim to Kill?

In the past few months ISIS has hit two targets and ruthlessly taken too many innocent souls from their loved ones. Paris and San Bernardino, two recent tragic events that, well, lets face it, didn’t have to happen. Over the holidays my sister and I had a couple of interesting debates on what we would do if placed in a situation were our lives where at risk. A variety of scenarios hypothesized and the results, well, interesting. What brought up these conversations was watching President Obama give his last State of The Union speech. When it came to the topic about ISIS Obama stated, “ISIS needs to be rooted out and destroyed”…

Round One: Do you agree with Obama?

Lu… “No, I don’t agree that we need to root them out and kill them. We need to love them, share the good word about God with them and help them to turn their lives around. Yes, what they’re doing is wrong, but they are still human. Who are we to decide to take action in taking their lives…”

Derra… “Sorry chica, but I agree with Obama. I hate the idea of taking innocent lives. ISIS followers are not innocent. These monsters are going around and taking the innocent. On this particular subject, destruction may be the only action that they understand. Now I’m not naïve in any way, I realize that even if one day ISIS is no more that doesn’t mean there will no longer be any type of terrorist group. There is always going to be some monstrous souls out there who’s purpose, for whatever reason, is to place fear into our lives, but hopefully the percentage of this insane intensity will lessen. Not every person is going to respond to love and God, some hearts prefer to remain hardened. “…

Round Two: What would you do if you found yourself at a place that ISIS attacked? If a terrorist had a gun aimed at you, a loved one or an innocent victim, would you shoot to kill? (I even added that we both carried guns in our purses for protection, so yeah, I weaponized us 😉 )

Lu… “No, I wouldn’t shoot to kill. What if God didn’t want me to use my gun in this case. What if I’m not meant to take that life. Maybe its my time to be called to heaven and this just happens to be how I go out. If I’m not meant to say goodbye to this life yet, then God will protect me from any terrorist and his weapon.”

I switched my scenario to her a touch and asked if she would shoot possibly an arm or leg. A body pat that would give her enough time to get away … her response..

Lu… “yes, that is more likely to be what I would do if I were to shoot . A distraction rather killing. However, I would stay behind while the other victims got away and share the good word waiting for help to arrive.”

As my ears absorbed what my sister was saying my eyes widened at her response as far as staying behind. You’ll have to know that all my mind kept repeating was a vision of my baby sister staying behind with  a wounded terrorist. I wanted so badly to change her mind, but the Sabo women have a stubborn streak thats indestructible. Once a decision has been cemented into their minds that’s it, you can talk ’til you’re blue in the face. The only thing that will change is the color of your face.

My Response…

Derra…” Ok, so let me just organize the facts here. I have a ISIS terrorist aiming a gun at either my head, a loved on of mine or an innocent soul… do I take the 22 from my purse and shoot to kill or distract. Well, the thought of taking a life and forever staining my hands with their blood terrifies my core… so with that said, I’d shoot to kill. I’m sorry, but no matter how scared I might be, a life is at stake and If I can do something to save anyone, then yes, I’m aiming at the head or chest. And no, I’m not sticking around to see if the dudes ok, I will however search to make sure everyone has gotten out and that anyone who needs help gets it. I would rather live with a reoccurring nightmare of me shooting” one” than multiple innocent victims dyeing around me as I do nothing.”

Needless to say, we agreed to disagree on what’s right and what’s wrong with each of our responses then got some Chinese for lunch and went about our day with other discussions.

I will do whatever I need to do to protect any innocent human, whether I know them or not, but I will especially do whatever I need to do to protect my loved ones (family and friends). Heres how I look at it… if you don’t want to get shot then don’t aim a gun at me.

What would you do? Would you aim to kill?

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤




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