Whats your Personality Worth??

Sweet personality… Kind disposition… Intelligent… Strong morals… Confident…

These traits or qualities come in second place these days, as sad as that is to type. Standing strong in first place is looks and physical features. We humans analyze whether or not someone is worth out time and energy to get to know based on they’re “Hot” meter. I’m going to break it down here…. allow me to set the scene…

You’re sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a caramel latte, music flowing through your pink beats and blogging your insane thoughts. A guy walks in and catches your eye as he finds a table to occupy. Baby blues eyes that draw everything they see in, a fit body (he definitely works out) brown hair and cute lips… oh yeah, he’s definitely a 10. Now based on those facts alone does he sound like a guy you would want to get to know and be around??  Well of course, I basically just described Jake Gyllenhaal, what chick wouldn’t want to get to know him 😉  .

Now let me switch it up a touch… same scenario, but this tome the guy that walks into the coffee shop is nerdy looking, but kinda cute. Do you want to get to know him like you did the hot guy or do you find yourself debating on a decision? Same goes for guys who see “hot” girls or just “cute” girls. Our eyes determine whether or not we take that chance on getting to know someone. Not to say that this a 100% proven thought, but more time than not its how it goes.

What if the hottie is a total b***h…. what if they’re not.

What if the cutie is the sweetest, coolest human on the block…. what if they’re not

Point?… Physical features don’t make up the heart, mind and soul of any human. Don’t make someone worth your time just because they have a pretty face. Gaze at the entire package, what your eyes can soak in and what they cant. What’s their personality like?… Disposition?… Morals?… Intelligence?… Warm or Cold Hearted?… Glowing or Darkened Soul?

I wonder how many cool humans we’ve missed out on just because they didn’t pass the hotness test…

Until Next Blog…. Love Derra ❤


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