My fav Christmas movies…get on my level wit these top 10 ;)

So as we have all noticed over the past few years, once Halloween ends Christmas madness begins. Somewhere along the way Thanksgiving was  pushed to the side of the road. Its a true blue bummer. I love Thanksgiving! The gathering of family and friends, reminiscing about the crazy times, cooking and sharing delicious food (you know, all that deliciousness that we wait all year long for… oh yes, that goodness) and enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (and the football games of course… Go Giants!) but here I am writing a blog about my top 10 fav Christmas movies. What can I say… I have no excuse other than some of the Christmas commercials have inspired me. Ok, so here we go… quick note, these movies aren’t in any particular order. I love them all. Wait, the first is my all time fav and will forever remain number one, other than that there is no particular order.

#1… The Nightmare Before Christmas

First off, Tim Burton is a total genius with his movies. Yes, I am a Burton fan, have been since 1993 when this masterpiece was released. One time seeing Nightmare Before Christmas and I was hooked. Jack Skellington is badass, his dog Zero is adorable and the whole Jack and Sally romance is a true love story. The plot of the movie is reminiscent to were anyone who watches it will be flooded with a familiar sense of knowing what its like to venture off trying to find yourself. Plus it combines both Halloween and Christmas, which is awesome! If you are someone who’s not into the commercial type Christmas movies, then I recommend this one. Its Christmas with a dark twist. Holiday entertainment for the whole family.

#2… Home Alone

Do I really need to explain why??… this movie is probably the best of the bunch. To be an 8 year old kid left home alone during the holidays. Kevin is that smartass sarcastic kid that has a huge imagination. Which helps him escape from two goofball house robbers known as the Wet Bandits. Kevin gets over his fear of the furnace in the basement, makes friends with the scary neighbor across the street and defeats Harry and Marv from stealing his Christmas. The little dude rocks! Its a hilarious movie.

Ok so I’m just going to list the rest of the movies because I feel like this blog will get outta hand if I describe everyone, plus I just looked at the time and I gotta get goin’.. so without further or due…


#3… National Lampoon’s Christmas (I think we can all relate to this movie)

#4… Miracle on 34th Street (the original)

#5… The Santa Clause (Tim Allen is hilarious)

#6… The Holiday (its just a cute ,true life, holiday film. Love Jack Black)

#7… Love Actually (I can’t explain, I just like this movie)

#8… Its a Wonderful Life (its a tradition that my dad and I watch this movie every Christmas)

#9… Christmas with the Kranks (This is what happens when you try to escape the holidays, Frosty will getcha)

#10… Last Holiday (Queen Latifah is fabulous in this movie)

What’s your Favorite Christmas movie?

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

P.S. Just incase I don’t get a chance to blog next week, Happy Thanksgiving! What are  you thankful for? I am thankful for all who follow my blog and take the time to read my random thoughts. Y’all Rock!! Love ya ❤

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