i’m just a kid…. and life is nightmare?

Question…. how many of you out in this gorgeous world couldn’t wait to be an adult when you were a kid?

The thought of having that limitless freedom to do whatever your little heart desired. Staying up until whatever time, no chores, make up our own rules… yep, as kids we couldn’t wait until the golden age of 18. We even role played our own versions of  what our young minds imagined adult life was like. Ever played house?… doctor?… own your own grocery store?… yep we youngsters had it all planned.

What our baby minds hadn’t yet processed is that with the freedom comes a price tag, so to say. We do have the privilege of making up our own rules, however we do have upgraded rules to follow, they’re now referred to as laws. Responsibility doesn’t fade, it becomes more HD. Those simple chores of cleaning our rooms or setting the table made friends. introducing paying bills, cleaning your own house, laundry, dishes, cooking, running errands and managing your career. Its kinda funny to think that the few simple responsibilities we had were such a pain in the butt…. not anymore..lol

Playing house gets a total upgrade from dolls and stuffed animals to actual humans. Meeting the love of your life, getting married, starting and raising a family. Owning your own grocery store becomes the career that you hustle at everyday to make your dream a reality.

I was that 10 year old that told my mom that I was going to dye my beautiful brunette hair blonde, move to new York and become a fashion designer. Being the amazing mom she was, she just smiled and replied, “really… wow, you’ve got big plans huh?” I told her that I indeed did , but not to worry because I would wait until I was 18.

The other night I was having dinner at a great Mexican place when “Don’t Speak” from No Doubt started playing. Those lyrics washed a nostalgic sense over my mind and I began thinking of all the dreams I had as a youngster. Then that led me to think about the kind of person I am today, who I’ve become.

Blonde hair?… nope, still a brunette, just with a touch of blonde and plum highlights. Living in New York?… nope, but I have been to Manhattan several times and absolutely love it there. I will one day move there, very soon. What can I say, this Cali chica will always be a Cali girl, but NY has a special place in her heart. A change of scenery is definitely in order. Fashion Designer?… Nope, I am a writer who fell in love with writing in Jr. High. The fact that my pen or in this case my keyboard can transform from a shiv to a shield absolutely fascinates me.

Those “kid” years fly by in a blink, but I have to say, even though I had a kickass childhood, this whole “adult” life is Badass!!

So, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

2 thoughts on “i’m just a kid…. and life is nightmare?

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    I think I just wanted to be married with kids and a full-time job I loved. Oh and I wanted to live in a house with an animal shelter. That all pretty much changed – hehe!


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