Just for You…

Hey guys, here’s a small preview of the opening to my manuscript. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

Dear You,

How y’all doin’? Perfectly imperfect I hope. Well, I come to you today because I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to do me a kindness. Don’t worry, it won’t take up much of your time and it doesn’t cost a single shiny Lincoln, however, it does require a few ounces of brain power and an open space in your heart. I have a story for you… yes, I know what you’re thinking, “oh great, another book about a nobody’s life. A tale of how a nobody had a great childhood then hit a pot hole or two while growing up, but in the end found herself and had a happily ever after.” Well congrats, you are 50% correct. This is indeed a tale of a nobody’s life however the bits about finding herself and having a happily ever are slighty off. My tale is about a young girl born with an unwanted label cemented onto her forehead, a label that casted a beautiful curse upon her heart. Do you know what it feels like to be a happy kid and then to have that rug pulled from under your feet? To go from feeling damaged to broken to completely worthless in one swift motion? How about wanting so much to fit in that it starts to break you down into a reflection that your 20/20 vision can’t make out? To be marked as “different”?

I have a story to tell you, a story filled with happiness drowned out by brokenness, sprinkled with darkness and topped with a delicious suicide attempt. Served along- side is a refreshing shot of completely losing one’s self, ending in rebuilding an underdog to become an invincible version of a beautifully imperfect human.

So here we are, just you and I sitting in a cozy place getting ready for the story that I have to tell. Now whether you listen or not is your decision…..

“I’m just a problem that doesn’t want to be solved, so could you please hold your applause. Take this side show and all its freaks and turn them into the silver screen dream…”          – Fall Out Boy

Ok…ready? I’m going to jump almost 30 years into the future, well it would be the future for you since we don’t know one another yet. So wait, hold up, I guess I’m starting you off in my present…. Yep, we’ll go with that. Less confusion. I’m beginning you at my present and we shall travel back together through the madness. Sounds good.

Three months before the big day (aka turning 30), I wrote several letters to my family and friends reminiscing down memory lane. Each one kissed with personal touches of memorable moments, lessons impressed into myself and lessons that I hope I impressed into their hearts. Confessions released (I figured it’s safe to release some evidence due to the statute of limitation now being up), laughter turned into spontaneous smiling and tears stubbornly shed. All these snippets of my life and mind locked away in a long white paper rectangle labeled “my last kiss goodnight”. Now I’m assuming that after reading this you have a possible conclusion swimming around your brain and if that conclusion is that I wrote out letters to my family along with my “last wishes” then you’d be right. A moment of my heart palpitating led my white knuckled hands to making sure that my loved ones were prepared just in case the Grim Reaper and I decided to throw an afterlife party.

So here I am sharing a few shining pieces of these letters to the people that protect my stitched scars. Embrace its honesty and pass on its contagiousness.

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