Dear You..

Hey blog world, my apologies for being M.I.A . Life has been replicating the very definition of chaotic, but its been the awesome version, so its all good. Summer is sadly starting to descend into its final weeks as autumn will be arriving before we can blink twice. Cooler weather, the ombre effects of orange-yellow and red begin to take effect and of course the pumpkin spice lattés from Starbucks will be back in (if you’re a follower of mine then you knew that I was going to mention it 😉 ). I’m ready for the change in season.

Anyways, back to the start of my “gone missing” streak…. the past couple of months have consisted of vacationing, spending time with my sister before she traveled back to school, saying Farwell to my bro as he embarked on his “moving out” adventure and beginning life as an adult (they grow up so fast), appointments taking over my schedule, and losing myself in my current manuscript. Yep, its been chaos central, but with the changing of the season comes a changing in life. Now that my bro is all settled back east and my sister has gone back to begin her senior year in college, I have the entirety of my days to get extremely lost in finishing the story that I have to tell. I had finished it a few months back and was getting ready to send it out, but upon giving it a last once over, I knew that it still needed a bit more polishing. The first version was perfectly imperfect, the way it ought to be, but I want it to be brilliant. So back to the lab I go.

My station is all laid out and set up. Tablet always charged, notebooks full of inspiring quotes standing by, pens in all shades to jot down sporadic thoughts, iced coffee always filling my mug & of course my playlists vibrating the tunes that allow the creative juices to flow.

I know that some of you out there may think that us writers take our work too seriously and we do. I don’t only push myself to the brink with my work, I jump over it. Its not due to my OCD or that I’m aiming for an impossible perfection. Its because I’m going to be sending out a piece of me into this big bad world and I want to make sure that I’m sending out the best possible piece of me. I’m cracked, scared and imperfect, but on the flip side I’m also intelligent, sweet, witty, smartassed, funny and pretty adorable (if I do say so myself 😉 ). my work needs to reflect all of that. When the time comes that I send out my story to be read by strange eyes, I want you to feel as though you and I have met before, like if we crossed paths on the street you would know who I was. This is a daring project for me. I have always given just a taste of who I am, but this time I’m giving my all. I’m going to be honest, it scares the shit out of me, but I’ve never been able to turn down a dare and I’m not about to start now.

I have a story to tell and I will be sharing it with the world soon. Whether or not you will take a moment to listen is your decision… will you?

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

P.S. if you have not yet picked up a copy of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchmen, go get one. Its phenomenal!!

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