Dream On!!!

You know what’s sad?… how many of us trash these amazing, life changing and sometimes even world changing dreams down “give up” alley. As kids, we dream of all the fabulous inventions we’re going to create, all of the interesting careers we’re going to have and these dynamic lives we’re going to live. Then we grow up and end up at that ultimate cross roads. The left lane is somewhat hazy, looks as though there are some deeps drops and suspicious turns resembling a rollercoaster like feel of uncertainty. The right lane is crystal clear, even leveled and has that Pleasantville quality to it. Which lane do you turn down? Most of us humans will choose the right lane because of its safety features, the thought of traveling down the unknown scares the shit out of us. The risky adventure doesn’t seem worth wile since we can’t clearly see the golden finish line at the end. So we trash our tremendous dream out the window and purchase a less valuable one. Very few will rev their engine and race down the left lane towards their outrageously brilliant dream.

Its a very troubling thought when you take a real moment and ponder it. To think of all of the wonderful dreams downsized due to our own fear and control issues. Whatever happened to closing your eyes, taking a breath and pushing the petal to the metal. Going for that shiny gold and settling for nothing less. What happened to going above and beyond the walls of that stupid bleak box? When did we decide that it was better to install limits than be limitless? Go big or go home right?!?!

Allow me for a brief moment to take this scenario of mine to an extreme level…. if I knew what your intelligent dream was and offered you $1,000,000 to step out of that ridiculous chicken suit you’re wearing, work your butt off to the brink of insanity and make your dream 3D, would you take my offer?

What if I went the more psychotic route… if I broke into your house, held a 22 to your head and offered you an ultimatum of either making that magnetic dream a reality or a single shot to your head (since that’s were we store all of our stupidity), what would you choose?

Our generation is an extreme one, it seems that the only way we’ll push ourselves towards achieving spectacular greatness is to become placed in an intense situation that scares our fears right out of minds or to be offered a “can’t turn down” deal. I once read a quote that said… “Concentrate so hard on your dreams that everyone around you thinks that you’ve gone crazy…”. -unknown

So, I ask again… what’s your dream and which lane are you going to turn down??

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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