Murderous Me

They’re back, once again… stealing the last few peaceful moments of slumber I receive during those star studded blackened hours. Mini movies flashing in and out as if someone where constantly changing the channels on the t.v. Mind wrenching snippets that I can’t quite puzzle together, confusion as to why certain characters have a playing role in my horror festival. Why is their presence residing in my head? Why am I now spending my zero amount of time thinking about them? Rotating questions floating around and around, remaining unanswered, open 24/7 like my favorite diner. Sleepless nights staring at the time on my phone while the sand man mocks me and caffeine filled days lasting much longer than wanted.

Anticipation for any signs of a conclusion to my mini movie marathon are what I wish for upon a shooting star. I thought that my nightmares had taken a much needed break, but my mistake is concrete.

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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