I am Phenomenal!?!

This past Monday I was interviewed on a friends blog talk radio station about what its like for me living a life with E.B. and the different experiences I’ve been through. Questions about how I have dealt with certain situations and how the outcomes have made me into the person that I am today. My friend was kind enough to send me the questions she was going to be asking me to my phone over the weekend so that I could think about how I was going to answer them the best possible advice I wanted to make sure was spoken and the impacted pieces of my life I wanted to share. While pondering the answers, I started looking back at my life, all of the twists and drops, the ultimate highs and the deathly lows. My memory boxed childhood and the continuous adventure of being this thing called “an adult”. Compartmentalizing the good from the bad so that my chaotically organized equations were spoken in clarity.

I have one goal anytime that I’m interviewed or when writing a new book or even when writing my blog, The hopes that my happiness and my pain help someone who is going down a similar road and may be feeling lost or had taken a detour and aren’t sure how to get back in the right direction. Let’s be honest, we all have those moments in life where the darkness invades and we feel as though no one else knows what we’re going through. Isolation brain washes your world, blasting away any helping hearts and open shoulders. Our eyes are super-glued to reality as we continue to sink into the lonesomeness.

But you’re not alone in that fight, once your eyes are torn open you’ll be able to see that you’ve got a grip of supporters behind you. Rooting you on as you place the gloves on your bruised hands and begin the first round back to yourself as the ding of the bell vibrates your eardrums.

Our society is too caught up in creating bad blood with one another, My advice is to Knock that Shit Off!! We are all human and we all need to have each others backs. We’re all different, the only commonality we posses is that we walk, talk, breathe and live life with a beating heart.

Hang in there sunshine, you’re awesome!! Until next blog. Love Derra ❤

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