Emoji This!! :p

Dear Emoji, I love how you make it extremely simple for me to express how I’m feeling (if I’m feeling like crap I can put the little poop dude… crap for crappy)… what I’m doing while out and about in this great big world… share the delicious food and beverages that I’m enjoying at any particular moment… and even how mother nature is feeling that day. No words necessary, just cute tiny pix posted in my status or in a txt. Its like playing virtual Pictionary. However I have found a down fall to living in this Emoji world, people don’t actually communicate (its now a rarity). We humans no longer have to actually tell someone how we are feeling or what we’re up to… Emojis do it for us. Texting and Emojis have made it so easy for us to talk without actually talking to our family and friends. We have taken these awesome tools and turned them evil. Have you ever noticed how short tempered we get when a friend, family member or loved one doesn’t understand our texts. We don’t understand why they’re not understanding. Well its not their fault, if you really need to vent or are in need of a shoulder to cry on then USE YOUR WORDS…. speak or spell it out. There are times when Emojis are perfect and times when they’re not. Facebook… twitter…instagram… tumblr….adding a little something extra in a text or e-mail and of course treasure hunts. Those are were Emojis have residence. Words and communication are needed when a serious moment exists. So don’t fret when your partner isn’t correctly guessing what you’re trying to Emoji out. Stop making your people “smh” and saying “wtf” when they’re trying to figure out your coded message.

So, are you an emojier???? What are your favorite tiny lil pix to post??

Sharing is caring 😉

Until next blog… love Derra ❤

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