Manners Maketh Man

Who out there saw the movie Kingsman?? I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that it was 100% pure AWESOME!! First off, any movie starring Colin Firth is a film to see. Second, any spy movie is a must see…. from the brilliant toys (weaponry) to the classy yet stylish attire (that is bullet proof so your ass won’t get blown to pieces) to the adrenaline rush lifestyle of saving humanity from the evil villains of the world (traveling the world in a spy jet installed with the latest tech… nothing bad there) Plus, the hero always gets a kiss for rescuing mankind (I wouldn’t mind a smooch from a sexy guy after saving his life 😉 )… there is nothing more exciting than a secret spy flick.

Along with all the awesome spy action and great cast, Kingsman has an interesting plot that will twist those cogs in your mind. Can someone actually mess with our inner emotions from a tiny chip…I’m thinking yes. Call me crazy if you like, but technology runs our daily lives. We allow our shiny toys to take over. Whether its work related, pics taken to record a vacation or family get together or just casual use to entertain ourselves with games, music and movies… cells and tablets are super glued to our hands. I admit that I have a horrible habit of always being on my cell and tablet, however I’m wishing on the genies lamp that I don’t start running around beating the shit out of the closest person on my radar. And I really would love if my head didn’t explode like the fourth of July. I rather like my head, its quite adorable 😉 (yes, I’m bragging)

It definitely makes one think, no matter what your views and assumptions are on the technology topic.

Becoming inducted into a secret spy organization is a childhood dream…. makes the imagination creative,  more interesting and adventurous..


Until next blog… love Derra ❤

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