Put Down the Phone & Step Away…Slowly

Technology… oh how we love it..we embrace the forever growing world. Its a beautiful world filled with all kinds of shiny toys that make life not only entertaining, but EASY. In 0.6 seconds we can obtain all the answers to the universe. And furthermore, its so easy to obtain all these wonderful gadgets. Buildings with illuminous signs magnetize you in, doors that sense your presence open and there they are. Aisles all stocked and organized with every toy imaginable. Displayed in all their glittered glory. Cell phones that are practically laptops as well..these babies do it all! Peruse Google, check all e-mail (if your a Googler like me then you’re all synced 😉 ) battle fellow friends in Trivia Crack, Netflix it up & anything else you want. Tablets that grant your wishes with just a touch of the screen. Rainbow keyboards that magnetically attach & detach from these all too pretty glowing rectangles (type it or not, whichever you fancy).  Televisions are no longer televisions. They’re like your cell phone or tablet, but so much bigger. You can search the internet, catch up on your Netflix, watch your favorite youtubers, jam to Pandora and experience any movie or show in 3D. Forget buying a ticket to the big game, you’re already there (plus theres no long lines for food or the restroom 😉 )

Technology is amazing!! theres no doubt…but… and yes its a big one… our all too shiny toys will start to take over your life if you’re not cautious. And you won’t even see it coming. If we don’t want to become consumed by our phones and tablets then we must treat them like Gremlins. Don’t get them wet and don’t feed them after midnight..lol

Well, you definitely don’t want to get your cell or tablet wet, then they’re pretty much destroyed. We don’t need to murder our toys to not be ruled by them (although on the happenstance that there is a watery accident, place your cell or tablet in a ziptop baggie filled with rice. leave it there for 24 to 48 hours, depending on how quickly you were able to rescue it from its death, and you should be good to go. The rice will absorb the water). As for the whole “no feeding after midnight”, this is something that works. It may sound crazy… turn off all of your toys around midnight. Or better yet, shut the monsters down when you’re getting ready to call it a night. Last call!! Not just useful in bars..lol. Turn off the tablet and turn off that cell. No bright buzzing distractions = a better nights sleep, which = less grumpies. Now if you’re like me, a night owl with major insomnia, I know that just laying in bed hoping to fall asleep is pointless. Its not going to happen. So in this case I give you permission to pop those headphones on and give life to your playlists. No YouTube, no twitter, no pinterest, no words with friends and no Instagram…. just your Beats music. Don’t ask me why, but music has always calmed the chaos in my 24/7 brain… enough to help me relax.

I also use my phone as my alarm in the mornings. So in this case, I suggest that as you’re going through your nightly routine, you at least put your phone on a soft vibrate setting. you can sleep soundly and still wake up for the world on time all fresh and pretty. Give this a whirl for 30 days and you will be surprised at how the off button can make your days better.

Like I said, technology is awesome!!! Hands down. I love it and as sad as this is going to sound, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I could survive without it, but I would definitely miss my shiny toys that pretty much do what I need in the time it takes to snap those digits. The line between accessible and a take over is thin and trust me , its not a line you want to cross. Its ok to Shut Down for a period of time everyday, its hard, but necessary.

How often do you shut down?? And remember…always play nice with the Gremlins 😉

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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