Stay <3

Love ❤ ts a tiny word that packs a giant contagious punch. When love enters your world, it creates such a rose lined impact that causes side effects such as sporadically induced smiles along with spontaneous warm & fuzzy feelings that may spread throughout your whole body. The only known cure is to embrace it. Sure, catching the love bug might seem scary, make one feel very nervous and even sometimes an impossible thought, but if you take that outrageous leap …love will protect and nurture your heart to infinity and beyond.

Warning: The road traveled will undoubtedly be a twisted ride. Driving slowly uphill and uncontrollably downhill. Stops at First Love Ave, Blindside Blvd, Happy Go Lucky St and Broken Hearts Ct. Potholes will be hit, drifting will occur and your heart will speed up to 200mph at times and drop down to 30 at others.. Its an insane ride. One that you’ll start out on single and hopefully end with the person whos kidnapped your heart. We all start our road trip at different ages and we all have different yet similar experiences while living the fast and furious life. First crushes… first boyfriends/ girlfriends… first kisses…. first relationships…. first heart brakes…

Some of us start our journeys out on the Highway of love in high school, some in college and some of us are the late bloomers that wait to get in the car until we’re no longer living in the Wallflower world. Me, personally, i was a late bloomer. I was a wallflower, the girl on the outside looking in. I was every guys friend, but that’s were it ended. Nerd, bookworm, teacher’s pet, shy… those pretty much describe who I was in high school. Although, in my defense, I was bullied by my sophomore year, I’m an EB warrior (it really works against you when you’re different) and my junior year I lost my vision (not always chatty when the world you live in is shadowy and shady). And if I’m going to be honest…I had trust issues….which most high schoolers have anyways (heck, most people have issues with putting trust in fellow humans).

Quite a few forces were working against me in the whole “high school love” thing. But, I look back on those four years now and realize that its ok I was a late bloomer. I felt protected from all the psycho teenagers as a wallflower. My twenties were a whirlwind all their own. Ive had my first love… my first broken heart… my first proposal… my first horrible break up and after the diced have rolled, I’m a better person for it all.. a life with love doesn’t always turn out the way you’d hope the first few times. Its like when you make pancakes, the first one never turns out quite right. The second is a bit better and by the time the third one hits the pan you’re cooking baby! 😉 grab the butter and syrup, its pancake time ‘)

Skeletons are hiding in the closets… pasts are all packed up… the GPS has downloaded your destination and the cars all gassed up. All that’s left is to grab a snack, beverage, crank up the tunes and Go! I’m still cruising solo, but I now know that in on the right road… so whatever the future brings, I’m ready!

A personal note to my fellow wallflowers…if youre nerdy, be nerdy…if youre shy, be shy… you can’t work with what you don’t have. So embrace who you are and work it hunny! 😉

Derra = smart (I’m like a sponge, I soak it all in), kind, witty (I can’t turn it off), shy (at first), outgoing (once I’m out of my shell), funny (naturally), generous, sweet and damn adorable (I can’t turn this off either, I’ve tried, I just cant). I’m also guarded and cautions by nature. I am who I am and I work it everyday..24/7!

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