“Girls Only”

You never know what you may encounter when your on your way to the mall on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. One thing I have noticed is that there is a growing number of humans dancing with signs on the side of the roads, trying to detour you to whatever company is currently in need of your consumerism. Those sign guys (or gals) are actually pretty entertaining and a handful are pretty talented with the selection of moves they bust out. Most of the time I can’t even see what the signing they’re waving about is advertising, sometimes I’m not even paying attention to the sign at all. However a few days ago I noticed a guy (I’m thinking he was in his Mid twenties) was lurking up and down the side walk holding a sign in his left hand. At first glance I assumed that he was possibly homeless. He looked scruffy (like he just ended a 12 hour work day at a construction site). So at first glance I was presuming his sign was more than likely asking for food or stating that he was homeless.

Then I noticed something weird. Certain cars started honking at him and he was getting a huge kick out of it. So I payed close attention to the words written on his sign and this is exactly what it read: “Girls Only! Honk if you want my number & a kiss”

What!! I started laughing so hard and while doing this a few different possibilities on why he was doing this swam through my mind.

1) he lost a bet. Now whoever he lost whatever bet to, this was a pretty funny outcome. I give props to whichever one of his buddies thought that up!

2) he was dared. Now I can sympathize with this scenario because I myself have what I like to call “dare disorder” for whatever psychotic reason, I cannot turn down a dare. Its genetically impossible for me to turn away from a dare. I don’t know why and I have sought help from “DA – Dares Anonymous” 😉 but no such luck in a cure yet. Maybe one day, you never know what the crystal ball has in store for the future.

And my last reasoning- 3) he wasn’t dared and no bet was lost, he may have been simply walking up and down crazy Blvd because he wanted to. Which in return makes me wonder if he was really in need for attention. And by what his sign stated, desperate attention. I really hope it was one of the other options, but I’m not going to judge either way. I just thought it was too crazy funny and had to share.

What do you think?

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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