Thirty, Flirty & Thriving ;)

A few months before the golden age of 30 hits we go through a whirlwind of emotions. Well some of you out there do, I can surprisingly say that the thought of turning 30 didnt particularly phase me. I’m not sure why. 29 years young & I figured that I would start playing the “freak out” game as 30 lurked closer and closer. But I did not.  My life wasn’t about to be over, I didn’t pout about all the things I haven’t accomplished while crying over an apple martini…I simply invited 30 to my insane party. For a few weeks I was pretty baffled on why I wasn’t going through the 30 Blues. Did I turn 30 wrong? 😉

Then one starry skied night the answer came up behind me and slapped the back of my head which jolted the chaos of my brain… my 20’s SUCKED! No 20’s were stressful and twisted. Theres not enough super glue in the world to mend the brokeness of those years. In search of who I was and who I wanted to be, what I wanted to become, fighting my demons while on a treasure hunt hoping to find the jeweled chest that locked away the contentment I longed for. All this madness mixed with screwed up relationships and my wellbeing cannonballing into the deep end… yep, those years were one beautifully complicated package.

I’ve been broken by the jerks and broken myself…ive been punched by deceit and kicked by infidelity… I was taunted by enemies that slipped under my radar and morphed into my own worst enemy…I was on top of the world and imprisoned at Rock Bottom island… Hell dragged me down and God saved me.

30 was the novocaine I needed. I spent too many clocks in the dark. Thousands of puzzle pieces have been assembled and the crystal ball is now sunny side up. I have never felt so alive. Contentment, peace, success, dreams, goals, achievements, and possibilities have all been planted and my prismatic garden is looking absolutely brilliant. Yes indeed…30 came a knocking and I welcomed it in. I’m loving it! I haven’t done everything on my bucket list and the list of Dreams I have runs a mile long. I am ready for anything… I want to be Me when I grow up 😉 turning 30 years young has installed a “Bring it On” app in my system. Lets Play!

So for all of you youngsters out there, I say to you, “don’t fret 30…its an awesome time in your life!” To those of you who have already been stamped by 30, the curious George in me wants to know, how was it for you? Was it as good for you as is was for me? 😉

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

One thought on “Thirty, Flirty & Thriving ;)

  1. shesdigital says:

    I especially love this post! People view 30 as such an old milestone. I honestly don’t miss my teenage years, for example. I miss aspects from the 80s and the 90s for sure, but I am so thankful to have surpassed 30. I feel in some ways I am mellowing and others ways I have discovered so much more, the more I wish I had discovered years ago. It is an awesome time in life!


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