Stupid Cupid, Stop Pickin’ on Me <3

Oh Valentines Day… its the one day a year were the perfect storm of flowers, sweet treats & bursts of sparkle rain down for all the sweethearts. Love is definitely mixed into the air on Feb. 14th. Valentine’s Day is also a “hit or miss” day. At the end of the night you’re either reminiscing on what a wonderful day & night it was or you’re basking in the little morsel of sorrow that remains. Lets be real, Valentines Day is a day for those who are coupled. Whatever the relationship, if you’re single (for whatever reason) it may not be the easiest day to get through. Special person in your life or not, I say enjoy Feb 14th. You don’t have to have a date in order to be a happy heart, take it from Jessica Biel’s character on Valentine’s Day. She threw a kickass Broken Hearts Party. Who wouldn’t enjoy smacking the crap out of a heart shaped piñata, tossing a picture of your ex into the fire and chanting “burn baby burn” or singing “I Will Survive” with Jamie Fox.

If you have that certain someone that makes your heart go “boom boom” then spoil them like its your last day with them. If you’re single, then I say treat yourself. Get all dolled up and go out with your friends who are also fellow singletons. Have a “Broken Hearts” party, go to dinner, meet at the movies and go see 50 Shades of Grey 😉 or if you don’t feel like going out, stay in. Relax in a nice hot bubble bath (get a lush bath bomb, treat yourself), order some Chinese take out (or a pizza, which ever your heart desires) , get cozy on the couch and enjoy a mini movie marathon (can you say Fast & Furious) Make the night yours. I realize for some that Valentines Day is depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. Spoil yourself…. Spoil your friends…. Spoil the one you’ve entrusted your heart to… Spoil that person you’ve always loved, but never had the courage to tell them. However you decide to spend those 24 red glittered hours, make the most of them.

Who has captured your heart?

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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