A Caramel Latte & Choclate Glazed Doughnut

Question… How many of you are so twisted up in the cyclone of your daily lives that its now resulting in a case of forgetting the feeling of what its like to “stop and smell the sweet perfume of brightly painted roses”?

Answer… All of Us!!

Todays generation is a wired one…24/7 is how we roll. Now I don’t know 99.7% of you, but I’m going to take a gamble here and bet that your day consists of: a job that spends between half to possibly three quarters of your time each day and whatever little time is left to tick away is spent on family, friends and technology. Hopefully you also allow food, a hot shower & sleep access as well 😉 We humans hardly ever take a moment to meditate in the small moments. Those glorious niblets that induce peace, calmness, serenity, sanity and believe it or not… contentment, which all equals happiness. You remember happiness..its that warm fuzzy feeling that makes your frown involuntarily turn upside down. 🙂

Small moments, literally. When’s the last time you resided in a quiet & cozy place with a murder mystery book? Stayed home on a day of gloom & doom and had a Fast & The Furious marathon with family or friends? Cooked a delicious meal & had debating conversations with your crazy family on a Sunday evening? Blasted Fall Out Boy while typing out your thoughts for all the world to peep at? Or, more simply, soaked in the warmth and delicious smell of that caramel latte you just ordered and savored the fluffy goodness of that chocolate glazed doughnut you’ve been craving?

It may sound absolutely crazy, but its nirvana. Its the small moments taken for granted or merely ignored by our obliviousness that keep us from all being admitted into the Psych Ward. So the next time happiness knocks on the door, open it and party…

I dare you 😉

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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