The Kids Aren’t Alright <3

A broken heart… we’ve all had our hearts broken a time or two and even broken someone elses. Which ever end you’ve been or are currently on…IT SUCKS!! That feeling of having the rug pulled from under your feet… most of the time you never see it coming. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to go through a broken heart, I have no control over how my hearts going to brake or how many pieces its going to brake into. Those results lie in the hands of the other person. We also have no say in how long we’re going to allow ourselves to endure the brokenness. There are so many factors that lay out the map of a broken heart. For instance: what kind of relationship is ending? (friendship, boyfriend + girlfriend, engaged or marriage), who is ending the relationship and why? See, its like each question is a second ticking away on a bomb before….BOOM!! your heart has shattered into countless pieces. Theres also no right or wrong way to heal from a broken heart (unless your someone who gets all possessive, revengeful or just plain psycho on your ex….I don’t suggest picking any of these poisons. Then you are in the Wrong)

Now, I don’t know what your process is, but for myself… well it pretty much plays out like this: a well stocked supply of chocolate, ice cream and brownies… action movies where something or possibly even someone is being blown up (what can I say 😉 ) and as I lay in bed at night I play my “pissed off” playlist. Songs that I have specially curated to drown out the noise and numb any pain. After a few days of shutting off the world around me I slowly start to turn the lights back at a time as not to shock my heart. I will admit, I think I tend to bounce back somewhat quickly from a broken heart only because I’m very guarded to begin with. I have this motto of, “if you don’t let them in too much then when they leave It won’t hurt as much”. (my motto hasn’t always proven true, but its a constant work in progress). Even though I’m guarded, any ending of a relationship hurts… no matter what. Just remember that life still continues and if you stay in the brokenness too long, you’ll miss out on starting over and living your life. Stitch up those pieces, allow those wounds to heal and keep dancing… scars and all.

How do you heal from a broken heart?

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤

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