Feed Me!!

Food…. its a collaboration of flavors on a plate or in a bowl that we humans consume at least three times a day. Now if you’re like myself you also add in mini meals (snacks) throughout the day, dessert after dinner (because I ate all my veggies 😉 ) and maybe even late night munchies. Either way, food is a huge part of our lives. Not just because its one of our life lines, but on so many other spectrums as well. Food is an experience for not just your stomach, but for all of your senses. Be honest, if whatever is presented on your plate doesn’t looking or smell delicious, you’re probably not going to want to dive into a big huge bite of it. The saying rings true…” We eat with our eyes first”. When something looks tasty, then comes that aromatic taste and after all is a go via eyes and nose, those taste buds are screaming for a bite. One of the best feelings in the world (besides love ❤ ) is a full and satisfied tummy 🙂

Do you like to cook? Or do you like to peruse restaurant row to get your food on? I’m a lover of both. For me, when I’m in the kitchen cooking, I’m in my own little world. Get all the ingredients, pots and pans, utensils, crank up the tunes and lets do this! Cooking breakfast gets me fired up for the day. Cooking dinner allows me to become relaxed from the busy day and if need be it also helps me to distress from those absolute chaotic days. On the flip side, I also love eating out. Whether its trying a new place, being adventurous in trying a new dish or being the creature of habit and  going to one of my favorite places and ordering that delicious comfort food that makes me involuntarily say “mmmmmm”   I’m a happy camper either way. Another benefit of going out is that someone else does the cooking and cleaning for you, plus you can sit back in that comfy booth while you’re being served. I’m definitely okay with that 😉

Food also brings people together, stirs up wonderful conversations around the table and its an easy and delicious way of learning about all kinds of amazing cultures. What’s your favorite genre of food? Chinese, Mexican, American, Italian, Korean, Indian? Whatever you fancy, food is one of the best equalizers on earth.

So, what’s on the menu?

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤

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