Do you laugh??

We’ve all heard and even said the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”. But how often do we actually implement this powerful expression in our lives? Lets face it, most of us experience nothing but stress these days. It seems as though its taking over the world, like an evil villain. Stress can creep into our daily lives without even creating a whisper. We’re stressed with all of the traffic encountered on the roads or all the humans at the stores, banks or any other establishments. Maybe you’re someone who stresses over the almighty dollar sign, prices of gas, food and our never ending Starbucks addictions 😉 Or, like most, perhaps your stress is created by a family member, neighbor, co-worker or loved one. It doesn’t matter what form it comes in, we humans have a knack for allowing stress to take over our lives. We keep feeding it after midnight even though the directions specify not to. Stress doesn’t just ruin your mood for that day or that week, it messes with us on a biological level.

When we’re stressed: we lose sleep, our ability to focus, our ably to be genuine with others, loss of patience, appetite and minutes off of our lives (literally)!!

Stress SUCKS! Now I know that its a good thing to have a small amount of stress in our lives, but it needs to be balanced with happiness in order to maintain a healthy you. And the best way have that balance is to Laugh. I personally try to find the silver lining in my most stressed situations or in my “gloom & doom” days so that I’m not completely stressed out at all the nonsense.

Laughter creates: contentment, tolerance, a brighter attitude, discipline, a healthy immune system, sleep and that “Disneyland” happiness.

So remember: keep your stress to happy ratio as balanced as you can. Know that we all have those days that are nothing but total crap storms and even though you don’t think there is one, find that tiny little silver lining. Remember, the sun will come out tomorrow 😉

I dare all of you stresses to laugh it off, at least once in a while. Until next blog

Love Derra ❤

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