And we’re off…2015 baby!

Well its 4 days into this new year and I have to say that so far we are getting along brilliantly. No bumps, bruises or scars (just In the past 96 hours celebrating with friends & family went down, lots of letting it all loose under the disco lights happened and cheers were toasted to. Notebooks are already being filled with book ideas, projects and dreams to conquer. I know its the norm to jot down a list of resolutions that we want to complete in the years span (healthier diet, exercise regimen, etc.) , but honestly, I stopped diving down that rabbit hole. Resolution = Resolve =Problems in need of fixing, personally I think that’s why we usually throw our resolutions over the roof. We don’t want to really look into the looking glass & fix what’s wrong with us. Here’s to thinking outside the box. Here’s to cooking up delicious dream and serving them up with a pinch of pizzazz. How many of you beautiful people out there in this big world make that crazy list of resolutions and within a week or two throw said list away? Well I dare you to burn that bad boy and start something new. Grab a pen, grab a notebook and scribble or sketch all of your crazy goals and outrageous dreams. When you’re finished step back and peruse your list. I bet you $100 that you’re feeling a sense of inspiration instead that all common “ugh”. What are some of your dreams? As I always say, “Sharing is Caring”. Until next blog..

Love Derra ❤

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